Howard Recycling Services has designed and manufactures a void fill mix which utilises the by-products from burning of coal to permanently fill voids. Howard Recycling Services has experience with our specifically designed pumps and the corresponding techniques to stop mine subsidence. The company combines expertise and initiative to complete each job efficiently and safely.

Howard Recycling Services void mix can be applied to all types of voids and the strength of the mix can be varied for the requirements of each customer. The void fill mix involves the injection of fluid slurry under pressure at strategic locations into voids to stabilise the area for possible future use.

Mine Subsidence Board – Prequalified Contractor for Construction Works.


• Multiple Mobile units which can be utilised in a variety of areas and terrains

• Geotechnical Support

• Camera Footage

• Experienced operators

• Experience in execution of void stabilisation

• Sinkhole remediation

• Quality control

• Quality assurance

• Safety management

• Risk reduction

• Compaction

• Remedial work